ACB Statement on Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

Imperialist war continues to wreak havoc on this planet and workers around the world are paying the price. Russia and the western powers vying for control of Ukraine are pointing fingers at each other over who is to blame for the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipeline leaks and carelessly damage the environment and threaten workers and their families with hastened climate collapse.

We all know who it is that will bear the brunt of this destruction, it’s not the capitalists building their private islands, it’s not the politicians with their mega-donors to watch out for them, it is us and our families for generations to come. These conflicts go beyond the immediate human and territorial consequences and as workers, we must struggle to stay united against the interests of the ruling class.

The indifference of the imperialists to life both in the short term and the long term in furthering their relentless pursuit of profit is nothing new. Deforestation in the Amazon and Africa is destroying whole ecosystems to make way for the expansion of industry and increased resource extraction, overfishing, and the constant acquiring and burning of fossil fuels. The effects are already showing themselves plainly to us. The drying up and destruction of rivers due to practices such as sand mining. Pollution forces entire ecosystems to collapse as animals and vegetation vital to us all die out. Everything, living or not, is subjected to the tyranny of capital.

Imperialist devastation is reshaping global landscapes through war, famine, disease, and drought, the people perpetuating these injustices against us and against nature are the same ones denying your sick days, forcing you to work overtime, and making it harder for you to spend time with your loved ones. The toll that the ownership class is taking is continuing to expand with each generation and will do so until there’s nothing left. Workers must stand together and fight for our rights and our planet if our children and grandchildren are to have any hope for a future.

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